DCA are pioneers in this industry. It is one of the leading brands in the market due to its cheaper price rates and excellent quality. It provides you with DCA demolition hammer, DCA power tools, DCA drill machine, DCA impact wrench, DCA orbital sander. These tools possess features such as sturdiness, dependability, and high performance.

DCA: Efficient power tools

DCA is a brand that makes quality power tools for industry, construction and home use. Their power tools are used for driving (fasteners), cutting, drilling, shaping, grinding and sanding. The power tools are also used for routing, polishing, heating, and painting.


DCA makes an electric mitre saw which can be used on aluminum and wood. The machine has circular saw blades and saws products very quickly and efficiently. DCA also makes a cordless sabre saw that is incredibly convenient. In fact, it is so convenient that you can change the saw blade quickly and it tells you how much power is left.

Wood router

DCA Malaysia also sells a wood router that is useful in wood processing and manufacturing furniture. The wood router is also useful for surface finishing, grooving, and wood edge planning. A router is a tool used to hollow out an area in the face of a hard material and also typically of wood or plastic.


DCA also makes an orbital sander that can be used for decoration construction and furniture painting. A sander is a power tool used to smooth surfaces. This is done by abrasion with sandpaper.

Percussion hammer

DCA also manufactures a 900-watt percussion hammer that can be used for interior decoration and civil engineering construction. The percussion hammer can be used for assembling pipes , machinery installation and laying out cables.



There are many advantages of using DCA power tools.

  • The machines are durable and sturdy and reliable.
  • The power tools are lightweight and efficient
  • The machines are affordably priced. 




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